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London Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors

London’s status as a truly global city is indelible. New visitors tend to focus on the West End and its surrounding areas, immersing themselves in classic icons of The Big Smoke; from black cabs and red double decker buses to the gothic turrets of the nearby Houses of Parliament. The shopping options match up to any city, with the flagship high street stores on Oxford Street towering like a beacon. Close by is Carnaby Street, with its rich mod-influenced tradition, Bond Street’s jewellery emporiums and Covent Garden’s card-draining mix of designer and vintage shops.

But for those not there to shop, there’s a bevy of cultural attractions to keep the most ardent sightseer amused; from the National Portrait Gallery, to the Tate Modern and, of course, Buckingham Palace.

For the new foodie generation, a vibrant scene ensures you can dine in all corners of the world in a day. Whether you want the three star Michelin dining of Restaurant Gordon Ramsey, the exquisite ramen of Bone Daddies or the life affirming smoked meats of Kiln, you’d have to be the fussiest of eaters to not pack on a few pounds.

You’ll quickly realise, however, that London is a sprawling city with life bursting from every seam, and that many of the city’s true treats exist way from the centre. East London is the city’s creative hub, with the country’s most forward thinking nightclubs, bars and galleries dotted around Shoreditch, Dalston, Hackney and Peckham. Head out south west for the bucolic beauty of the deer-populated Richmond Park, or the dizzying array of fauna at Kew Gardens. And if you want to attend a football match or concert, the iconic Wembley Stadium is in the north east and has a capacity of 90,000.

With over 300 languages spoken in the city, you’ll find a different smell on every corner and a new sound in every shop. It’s the beauty of a place that, ultimately, doesn’t just feel like the centre of the world but like the world in one city.

Getting around London

Public transport

Transport for London operates London’s public transport network and provides comprehensive information on all forms of transport in London. The London Underground, commonly referred to as the ‘Tube’, is the oldest underground system in the world. The network is divided into six zones, determining the price of tickets.

A pre-paid electronic Oyster card is the cheapest way to travel around London – enquire at a Tube station for details. Alternatively, you can buy a Visitor Oyster card before you arrive in London and have it delivered to your home address.

Buses are one of the cheapest ways to travel around London – all London bus journeys cost the same. You must pay with a Visitor Oyster card, Oyster card, Travelcard or UK-issued contactless payment card.

There are a range of river services on offer along the River Thames – choose from a fast and frequent river bus or a more leisurely river cruise. Thames Clipper River Buses run between Savoy Pier (central at Embankment) and Royal Arsenal Woolwich Pier, with stops including Canary Wharf Pier, Greenwich Pier and London Bridge City Pier. A high-speed commuter service runs from Chelsea Harbour in the west to Blackfriars.

A cable car across the Thames, the Emirates Air Line, connects Greenwich peninsula in the south to the Royal Docks in the north. Linking The O2 and the ExCeL Centre, the Emirates Air Line journey takes five minutes and runs daily.


You can hail black cabs in the street or book them through Dial-a-Cab. Minicabs should be booked over the telephone; a reputable city-wide firm is Addison Lee. If you want to step up your game and ride in style consider hiring a private chauffeur. A chauffeur service such as Cars Exec at offers airport transfers as well as tourist excursions in London and many other cities throughout all of the United Kingdom.


There is a daily charge for all vehicles entering the congestion charging zone in central London from Monday to Friday between 0700 and 1800. Off-road parking is available 24 hours at NCP garages situated around London. Street parking in central London can be extremely expensive. More driving in London information is available at

Car hire

Major car firms include Avis, Budget and Hertz. There has been a recent growth in budget/internet car hire companies, spearheaded by easyCar.

Bicycle hire

London has a public-use bicycle scheme called Santander Cycles. Over 10,000 bikes can be found at 700 docking stations situated every 300 to 500 metres across the city. Bikes are available on a pay-as-you-go and membership basis. For pay-as-you-go access, go to a docking station with a credit or debit card to get started. Bikes are available round-the-clock and year-round.

Chartering a Helicopter Good Way to Improve Business Travel Experience

Chartering a helicopter meant for personalized use has become increasingly common. Your private chartered helicopter is fun, sophisticated and isn’t as pricey as many folks believe. A private helicopter tour allows you to see a number of popular Boston points of interest from a distinctive vantage point.

Recommendations for People New to Helicopter Flying
Traveling by air in a helicopter is surely a remarkable experience, even so it may seem a bit intense to a few people who are undertaking it the first time. Below are some tips on the way to prepare yourself in order to appreciate a trip.

Should you be anxious about flying, don’t be. Flying is among the most trusted forms of traveling. There are actually much fewer flying mishaps than auto mishaps on a yearly basis. Your pilot will be a qualified professional with a lot of hours of expertise flying helicopters in various weather conditions. He or she will have flown along your route frequently.

You’re able to reduce your stress ahead of the journey with meditating or imagining exactly what the helicopter experience is going to be like. If you are very uneasy, your physician might possibly order anti-anxiety medicine that will help you throughout the trip. If you’re going to be using a service such as My Private Helicopter to take frequent business flights, then you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your stress under control so that flights will become somewhat routine.

Be sure to dress appropriately and be well prepared for the trip. Dress in long pants and a coat, and keep very long hair drawn back. Never wear flip flops, a hat, loose jewelry. Do not take heavy travel luggage or loose things including a purse or keys.

Choices for a Private Helicopter Charter
My Private Helicopter provides tailor made helicopter chartering. If you would like, a charter might be planned which will not merely fly you from one spot to another spot, but instead also involves trips over Boston’s iconic sites. Phone My Private Helicopter to inquire concerning arranging a personalized touring charter.

Joy Travel – You don’t have a destination to appreciate a trip in a powerful, magnificent helicopter. Quite a few helicopter services supply charter trips to individuals who basically like to get off the ground for a time. Experiencing the sights from high above the city is usually a superb way to spend an hour. If you think you have seen Boston from each viewpoint, think again. Want to guarantee you’ll have lasting memories of what you viewed from way up high? Consider using a drone videography service. That’s right — you can hire a company to send up a multicopter to photograph or video just about anything you’d like. If you’re in Los Angeles you can go to Copter Videography for aerial photos or videos of your property, any outdoor area that has significance to you, or an outdoor event of importance (such as a wedding).

Alternative Travel – By pass the airport altogether and take a helicopter charter right to your ultimate destination. Travel by chopper is a wonderful option for persons living in a busy city. If your destination is just beyond your city boundaries and driving there is a chore, just schedule a helicopter. Helicopters canget travelers to their destinations faster than they’d arrive by auto. Additionally, there isn’t any airport terminals, heavy security or uncomfortable seats.

Schedule a Helicopter for Your Company Trips
There are a number ways chartered helicopters can really help with your company desires. It’s well known that business aviation may help companies get employees to destinations in a reliable and quick and cost-effective manner.

Get Some Outdoor Fun With Your Own Inflatable Boat

As you’re certainly by now know, inflatable boats are incredibly popular nowadays. Every specific group of inflatable boat is made for a given use and as such is outfitted with varied accessories and supplies.

When the launch of the inflatable boat came on the marketplace, people grew enamored with this new toy. The story is really remarkable, with the outcome being that the inflatable boats are now much more in demand than ever before. There are a great deal more entertaining uses for the assorted inflatable boats than ever before. Families use their inflatable boats for sport fishing, water sporting events and to merely experience a good time.

When you’re looking for a small boat to help you get from your larger boat to the land, a typical inflatable boat is a good alternative. If you are after a medium-sized boat for fishing or diving, there are lots of options in that realm as well. For rescue work or recreation, you will discover spacious inflatable boats to choose from also.

Inflatable boats are made from flexible material along the lines of neoprene, rubber or canvas, and hold air at high volume but reduced pressure. An inflatable boat needs to be outfitted with a frame on which an oarlock support is connected. These types of frameworks are typically crafted either of wood or metal, or a mix of the two.

Virtually all inflatable boats are principally easily transportable rafts. An inflatable boat that is approximately 2.3 m (eight feet) long is rated to support up to three people. It will weigh about 36 pounds (15 kgs) when dry, making it an acceptable load for just one person to carry for a long distance if need be.

Your next larger size up is nine feet long, which doesn’t feel like a great deal more, however the size distinction is notable, in reality. The nine ft inflatable boat has considerably bigger air tubes and is heavier. Inflatables have become so popular that now a number of boat dealers are selling every imaginable type of craft online.

Possibly you have heard claims from a good number of rivals, each one ensuring they have got the finest warranty. A few years back, a company furnished a lifetime warranty — but the company disappeared shortly afterwards. A small number of companies will use an incredible warranty to substitute for superior quality or possibly even adequate boat structure.

You need to be positive the business you purchase at is going to be available sufficiently long to deliver on the warranty. Zodiac has been building inflatable boats for over 40 years, and they feature a limited 6 year warranty for their inflatable boats. Also, Zodiacis among the finest boat makes you can buy today.

With all inflatable boats, you ought to know what kind you like before you’ll making a purchase. You could search and consider what each retailer offers, after that plan your purchase accordingly. An inflatable boat is fabulous to own, particularly for individuals who own bigger boats. You simply can’t go wrong getting one of these inflatable boats either — because they deliver several worthwhile purposes.

Use SEO to Generate Backlinks to Boost Your Site In Search Results

People surfing the web come across a particular website in several different ways, but the number one way a person finds a website is, of course, though a search engine. If a person does a search on Google, and your website isn’t listed, or ranked, on page one or page two, it’s unlikely that the person will be visiting your site. To move your site up in search results you need search engines notice your site. Accomplishing that is what SEO — Search Engine Optimization — is all about.

When a search is performed, what makes Google select one site to rank higher than another? One of the primary factors in ranking a site is the number of quality backlinks that site has. A backlink is simply a link to your site, located on a different site. The other site “links back” to your site. Google rewards a site that has quality backlinks because Google assumes that one site needs a good reason to devote a link to another site. And that reason is typically because the site containing the backlink likes the site it’s linking to.

You’ll notice that the above paragraphs mention quality backlinks. All links are not equal in the eyes of the search engines. One backlink on a very popular, well-established, high-traffic site (such as, say CNN or ESPN) is worth more than hundreds or even thousands of backlinks on small, new, unimportant sites! Of course, it’s very difficult to get a huge business with an immensely popular site to provide you with a backlink. So, the next best thing is to try to get some backlinks on moderately successful or popular sites. The web host MadBeeTech provides such a service at MadBeeTech SEO. For the very modest one-time fee of less than $50 MadBeeTech SEO provides you with a package of search engine optimization services designed to create quality backlinks to your website so that your site can quickly climb up in search engine rankings.